This is not only an alternative Inca Trail, it is the most original and exclusive: following paths only recently discovered. The Inka Jungle trail can be done in either 4 or 3 days and is a mixture of both biking and hiking to Machu Picchu. It is suitable for anyone with a sense of adventure … More INKA JUNGLE 4days

MACHU PICCHU by car Hidroeletrica walking to Aguas Calientes

This tour is one of the alternate routes, where foreign visitors can get to know the wonderful citadel of Machu Picchu at a much more affordable price, along the route we can appreciate different ecosystems, from the high Andean plateaus, passing by cloud forests, up to the brow Peruvian jungle. Route Cusco > Santa Maria … More MACHU PICCHU by car Hidroeletrica walking to Aguas Calientes


Inty Raymi Tour ‘Festival of the Sun’ 24 de junio Held yearly on June 24 of every year Inti Raymi (or ‘festival of the Sun’ in Quechua) was an ancient Andean religious ceremony in honor of Inti (Father Sun). It took place every winter solstice in the Andes. The Inti Raymi was the most important … More INTI RAYMI 2016


Ausangate or Auzangate is a mountain of the Willkanuta mountain range in theAndes of Peru. With an elevation of 6,384 metres it is situated around 100 kilometres southeast of Cusco in theCusco Region, Canchis Province,Pitumarca District, and in theQuispicanchi Province, Ocongate District. The mountain has significance in Incan mythology. Every year the Quyllur Rit’i (Quechua for … More AUSANGATE TREK 7DAYS!

Parade festival JUN- Bellas Artes University

June is the festivities month in Cusco. The city are crowd, tourists and local population came to enjoy the month and the principal festival: Inti Raymi festival (Sun party in Quechua). They celebrate this festival every year more than 1000 years ago, to praise for the “SUN GOD” and to tank to the agriculture and … More Parade festival JUN- Bellas Artes University

Valle Sur 9:00am -15:00pm

Tipon archaeological site has many terraces that currently continue to be used by farmers around even more admirable are irrigation canals built in stone, with different falls today these channels continue in full function to irrigate fields, which is considered large hydraulic engineering work. Pikillacta is composed of 600 structures approximately 150 departments 450 Qolcas … More Valle Sur 9:00am -15:00pm